Trauma Informed Care: Choice, Voice and Trust – This is a workshop designed to share the basics of trauma informed care for consumers, peer specialists, providers, and other people interested in the core issue facing many people in the mental health system. According to many definitions, even being involved with the mental health system can cause trauma. Many different statistics are available that show that a very high proportion of people involved in the mental health system have trauma histories. This workshop shows people how to use universal precautions not to worsen these problems in the course of everyday mental health treatment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the need for trauma-informed care and how trauma be the core cause of many of our mental health problems
  • Find the importance of our own transformational experiences and how nothing is wasted in a transformed life
  • Understand the core priniciples of choice, voice, and trust in working with someone who has experienced trauma
  • Know what it means to be truly trauma-informed
  • Engage in active exercises to find our own most effective methods for helping people with trauma histories
  • Discuss possible system change approaches that would help all people in the mental health system

Audience comments:

  • Certified Peer Specialist Training, Harrisburg, Pa: I will be kinder to my peers. I will be more patient. I will use less focus on mental health issues. I was surprised by the amount that the mental health system doesn’t do to help trauma survivors. It surprised to hear that everyone has experienced truama. The poetry the most useful part, especially the one about how you found support in the workplace. We could talk more about the Mental Illness vs. Trauma appreciation. The interaction with your information was the most motivating part.
  • Bridge to Freedom, Oswatamie, KS: I will be more aware of a person’s needs, not just their symptoms. I will work to promote Truama Informed Care. I will really get down with the person. The instructor was talented. The stregths were in the talker.
  • Sunshine Connection, Topeka, KS: The poetry was one of the best parts of the program. You are one of the most impressive Kansas Consumer Advisory Council board member’s I’ve met. We want to learn a lot more about Trauma Informed Care, now.

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