Spoken Word for the Peer Provided Transformation – This is a workshop using poetry as a launching point for people to experience peer support. People respond to several poems by discovering and sharing their dreams, by finding their informal peer support networks, and by sharing what helped them to overcome their deepest moments of giving up. A description of how the mental health consumer movement and peer support is changing the face of mental health delivery systems so that recovery is possible for everyone. A workshop about finding people with whom to connect and talk to and how to maximize the inherent support opportunities in everyday life. Presented at the Kansas Recovery Conference, the biggest mental health consumer conference in the nation.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how peer support is spreading the recovery philosophy through the mental health system.
  • Inspire people to reach for goals, to share their stories, to build their own peer support networks.
  • Learn the helper principle, the peer principle, and “we are the evidence”
  • Find the power of the firsthand recovery perspective and how to share it uniquely
  • Experience life affirming, positive choices of how we relate to our experiences

Audience comments:

  • Tri-County Mental Health: “”My knowledge of hope increased…” Favorite part: “All of it! The courage our speaker Corinna has – to come and share her story. Her dreams showed.”
  • Swope Behavioral Health Center: “Loved the poems!” “I liked the dream building and the interaction on ‘dream building’ and ‘sticking through adversity.” Most useful – don’t give up.”
  • Johnson County Mental Health Center: Most useful part: “That we can do it.” Most useful part: “I’m a winner, I’m a champion, I’m strong.” Most useful: “Playing as teams to have a conversation about dreams and goals.”
  • North Cross United Methodist Church: “The poetry was a unique way to portray the message.” “The message was really conveyed in an exciting format. This needs to reach a wider audience.”
  • Comprehensive Mental Health Center: “Your poems rock.” “The poetry was the most useful part, hearing from someone genuine.” “I plan to tap into the adventurous side of a client.”

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