Performances – I can custom design any length or type of presentation to suit your needs. My workshops are about 1/3 active audience participation, 1/3 spoken word or performance poetry, and 1/3 research information and storytelling using Powerpoint slides, data tailored specifically to the audience,  and honesty about the way our world works. Presentations are 3/3 fun and enthralling. I have experience performing from the local to the regional to the national level. Click on each of the links below for information about the presentations. My interests, enthusiasms, and energy are vast and I would be glad to assist you with your next event.

Large presentations given:

2012: pre keynote introduction poem at the National Empowerment Center’s Mental Health Outcomes around the World, Denver, CO

2012: Connect Power Startup Weeek KC presentation for 300 entrepreneurs

2011: The Disability Industrial Complex at the Kansas Recovery conference for 600 mental health service recipients

2010 Step By Step all staff-training, Bethlehem, PA – keynote address for 100 service providers

2010 Kansas Recovery Conference, Wichita, KS – keynote address for 650 conference participants (arrived by bicycle)

Alternatives 2009, Omaha, NE – keynote poem for 800 conference participants (arrived by bicycle)

Real Choices, Real Voices, Lake Ozark, MO – large focus presentation for 80 participants (arrived by bicycle)

Alternatives 2008, Buffalo, NY – workshop presentation for 22 participants (rented a bicycle)

Audience comments:

“Very inspiring and hopefully delivered.” “Corinna’s poems explained it all.” “Going to the Olympics takes a special kind of person: one who wants it the most.” “The most engaging workshop I attended at the whole conference.” “I liked the ideas about how improving life for a group improves the whole of society.”

The most suprising part of the workshop: “How transformed I feel.” “The passion of the presenter.” “What you dream it could come true.” “Very inspiring and hopefully delivered.”

One action you plan to take: “Be positive: use my struggles as fuel to be strong.” “Work on fighting harder for what I believe.” “Pay more attention in class so I can make my dream be more real.” “To clean up the environment.” “Continue going for my dreams I have devoted my life to pursuing.” “Be more outspoken – like you!” “I plan to work through my symptoms.”

The most motivating part of the workshop: “Knowing I can work harder.” “Believing that anything is possible and knowing that it requires hard work.” “Being able to hear all the hardship and struggle someone got through and to say if they did, I can.” “The overcoming mental illness.” “Hearing your personal story of Judo at the Olympics – I like your manta.”

The most useful part of the performance: “The poems and how touching they were.” “The affirmations,” “The outlook on overcoming adversity and focusing on what we want.” “Playing as teams to have a conversation about dreams and goals.” “The poetry was the most useful part, hearing from someone genuine.” “Statistics most helpful – the speaker was very well informed.”

Links to presentations planned and completed:

Poetry venue highlight from Jazz Poetry Jams

Spoken word for the peer provided transformation

Because I Can: Triumph Over Adversity

Trauma Informed Care: Choice, Voice, and Trust

Building America: Active Transportation

Success Stories from the Developing World

Art as a Business

The Chocolate Fairy

What Gives You Personal Power

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