I chose chemistry as a degree because at some point in college I realized that liberal arts degrees have lower market values. Plus I wanted something challenging. I worked in labs for 6 years but I chafed at the routine. I wanted to go on a do great things. I went to grad school and then ended up working in mental health advocacy for a long time. I used my degree to become a PCORI Lead Investigator, to form two statewide recovery programs, and to become an expert in health advocacy. I have learned a lot in that time about following SOPs and being a good employee. I am ready to return to the lab and maybe do human services as a hobby instead of a profession. I am also interested in some of the scalable business models in the science world.

My chemistry work experience:


Research Assistant, KU Med Center, Kansas City, KS:

-Researched mechanisms of hormonally-related cancer causation

-Prepared tissue paraffin blocks to cut and stain tissue for slides

-Processed tissue for western blots and northern blots

-Explored enhanced cell proliferation and altered differentiation in tumor cells

Research Assistant I, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO

-Researched genetic commonalities of patients with the rare Prader-Willi Syndrome

-Searched research databases and online sources for related methods and research

-Optimized PCR conditions to amplify patient and control samples

-Purified DNA aliquots with gel electrophoresis and Sephacryl spin columns

-Sequenced DNA using MegaBace 1000 automatic sequencers

Research Assistant, University of Missouri at Kansas City

-Prepared HPLC and LCMS methods to detect small drug-like molecules

-Designed affinity chromatography methods to analyze enzyme inhibitors

-Used solid phase peptide synthesis to build combinatorial libraries

-Analyzed telomerase extension products with polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

-Assisted with LCMS troubleshooting and maintenance

-Designed and executed complex research protocols to find enzyme inhibitors

-Wrote journal articles and responded to peer reviewing comments

-Applied for four scientific grants with $43,000 of funding approved

-Provided data for successful submission of $950,000 NIH R01 grant


Entrepreneurship: UMKC Bloch School of Management E-Scholars program, 2016
CPS: Certified Peer Specialist Training, State of Kansas, 2008

MS: Master’s of Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Missouri Kansas City, 2002

BA: Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 1998

US Olympic Team Judo Member, 1996