What do people say after one of Corinna’s spoken word performances?

Jazz Poetry Jams: Most useful: “Her honesty” “Exposure to a novel world-view and the beginning of understanding.” “Honestly I had fairly modest expectations and was overwhelmed by what I saw. Absolutely blown away.” “I smiled the whole time – blown away by your gift!”

Project Space Gallery: Most motivating: “The sense that individual actions make a difference.” Suprising: “How transformed I feel.” “The passion of the presenter.” “Very inspiring and hopefully delivered.” One action: “Be positive: use my struggles as fuel to be strong.” “Work on fighting harder for what I believe.”

Corinna performing a keynote address at Step by Step in Pennsylvania

Corinna performing a keynote address at Step by Step in Pennsylvania

YWCA Green Girls camp Olympic Day: Surprising: “What you dream it could come true.” Most useful: “Push ups” “That she met her goal and that was inspiring for me because know I know it’s possible.” One action: “to pay more attention in class so I can make my dream be more real.” “To clean up the environment.” Most motivating: “Olympics and Poetry.”

Liberty Arts Squared: One action: “Continue going for my dreams I have devoted my life to pursuing.” “Be more outspoken – like you!” Most motivating: “Charity begins in your own backyard.” “Hearing your personal story of Judo at the Olympics – I like your mantra.”

Swope Behavioral Health: Most useful: “Her speech about the poetry.” “I plan to learn more.” “Corinna’s poems explained it all.” Most useful – “The voice exercise. The housing exercise, ‘dissatisfaction as an avenue for change.'” “How to work through symptoms.”

DT Welcome Mat Judo Club: “The speaker provided vast amounts of goal achievements.” “All the elements of a very creative and powerful presentation are here.”

Eierman Elite Wrestling: “I will remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. I will remember my life goals and not just my athletic goals.” “Going to the Olympics takes a special kind of person: one who wants it the most.” Most motivating: “The Olympics starting out as a dream and becoming more.”

Elizabeth Layton Center: “I plan to keep working.” “I plan to exercise more.” “I plan to contact the government and president about mental health.” “The activity was the best part.”

Poetry for Personal Power winners at University of Missouri St. Louis

Poetry for Personal Power winners at University of Missouri St. Louis

Alternatives 2008 (a national conference in Buffalo, NY): “The most engaging workshop I attended at the whole conference.” “Statistics most helpful – the speaker was very well informed.” “I liked the ideas about how improving life for a group improves the whole society.”

Contemporary Conversations Class: “I found places I never knew were there.”

SIDE (Kansas City, KS Consumer Operated Program): “Very inspirational.” “I liked best the statistics from the doctor.” “Corinna was engaging and encouraged participation.”

Truman Behavioral Health: “Information was great. I plan to interact more than to isolate myself.” “You learn more about mental illness than you knew.” “I liked best – the honesty.”


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