Key ideas shared for mental health specific audiences:

These messages come from my experience as a person who has recovered, from being a family member of someone with emotional distress,

I understand that some people in recovery are all at a different stage in their recovery journey and benefit from different levels of exposure to controversial or provocative information. I know that some people make bad decisions based on an incomplete understanding of a highly nuanced message.  I also understand that advocacy works best with long term relationships and becoming too confrontation or ideological can jeopardize progress. With this said, I always tell the truth as I understand about the following ideas related to my work to provide the most productive talk for each audience:

Emotional distress is temporary and transformative: Many people experience extreme emotional states as a response to difficult events that overwhelm their community and personal supports. Here is two minutes on the Causes and Solutions to Emotional Distress.

Having fun and building community is essential to recovery. It’s not hard to find low-cost accessible recreational outlets is extremely important and what’s missing for many folks with mental health labels. Here’s my one minute poem: I Ride to Live.

Problems with mental health systems can be summed up in one word: Medicalization. One minute video: Connect Power sample explanation Connect Power sample explanation. 

Psychiatric medications help SOME people, but harm others, and may be increasing the amount of disability in our country. This is a very nuanced discussion, explained here in this blog: We are not anti-medication critics,  we are pro-informed choice.). Also explained in this two minute video:  Is using medications first, forever, and for everyone an evidence based practice?

Solutions to mental health labels can be summed up in two words: Peer support. Two minute video of online peer support business presentation:  Connect Power at Startup Weekend KC

Personal Power: Everybody has something that helps them get through difficulty, what inspires them and what helps them through adversity. When we find these sources of personal inspiration, we can use them to build happiness, lives, friendships, families, communities, and even start our own businesses. Here is a two minute video from Poetry for Personal Power that explains this:



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