About Corinna West:

  • A Certified Peer Specialist who uses her recovery experience and her Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry for research and patient advocacy.
  • Member of the 1996 Olympic Judo Team, a 3 time national champion and silver medalist at the Pan American Games, she coached Judo for six years and introduced over 300 young athletes to the sport.
  • Avid (or rabid) transportational bicyclist with more miles on her bicycle than her car for the last four years. She regularly rides on cross-state bicycle journeys for work conferences, art collection, and mobile advocacy.
  • Creator of “Poetry for Personal Power,” a federally funded effort to use art and technology to help young adults access their friendships and personal strengths to overcome challenges in their lives.

About this site:

This website is:

about overcoming adversity by building a brand new life filled with adventure, fun, miracles, friends, joy, and accomplishment.

About Wellness Wordworks: Corinna West is the founder of  Wellness Wordworks, an LLC registered in both Kansas and Missouri. that is building an online community where people can share and build personal power to overcome adversity. This business has grown now so much that it needs it’s own website, found at: http://wellnesswordworks.com/

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  1. Ms. West–

    I am very glad to have stumbled onto your disease loop/Choose Wellness infographic, thence to your Wellness Wordworks site, and to your way of looking at and doing things.

    I grew up with an alcoholic dad, and your Choose Wellness infographic well depicts my process from there. I spent some time working in the clinical world with addictions and mental health, but quickly became frustrated by the medical model and its tunnel vision focus on meds and biochemistry. I’ve been a pastor then Army Chaplain for most of my adult life, and have just completed a PhD in education at Kent State university. The PhD grew out of my Army Chaplain work with suicide and combat stress in the military, which I found in my experience with at least those in the military, was more one of spiritual fitness (or lack thereof) rather than “mental illness” as commonly understood. A part of my study has including the psychological and therapeutic models, but I have been quite holistic in my approach, which seems to be very similar to your own, with a focus on developing disciplines involving habits of mind, or how we look at our experiences, stressors and potentially traumatic experiences, in order to re-frame how we think about them to transform those experiences into opportunities for growth (sometimes referred to as “post-traumatic growth”).

    As I am exploring what comes next after my PhD ( I just graduated with it in DEC), I am working toward developing a permaculture farm in the Cleveland, OH area, that will also be a community resource that would foster peer-to-peer community, focused on (but not limited to) Veterans and military families, in helping them develop those capacities for choosing wellness as your infographic so well depicts.

    I tried to attach a copy of my PhD dissertation for your reading enjoyment at your corninawest816@gmail.com— but it didn’t go through. The dissertation is really not all that bad a read, but the gist of it is that resilience and spiritual fitness are products of spiritual (of whatever tradition) or resilient PRACTICES, regularly practiced– much like physical fitness is a product of the regular practice of fitness disciplines. I also have below a quick overview of my farm project.

    I would love to talk further with you, both about what you’re doing, about resilience formation, and about how to better do the social entrepreneur work and presence (I’m one of the technologically handicapped type!). Can we set up a phone or skype call sometime soon?

    Thanks so much, and keep being a blessing–
    Jim Lewis

    330-677-5541 (home)
    330-554-8714 (cell)
    (my Skype name is this email address, I think…)

    With resilience, relationship and spiritual fitness resources at JCSpiritCrafters.x10.bz
    and (almost) daily spiritual fitness supplements via Instagram and Twitter
    @ jc_spiritcrafte with #WordOfTheDay371

    Abundant Life Farm overview:
    I am an Army National Guard Chaplain in north-east Ohio with three combat deployments under my belt and have just completed a PhD in Education, focusing on spiritual fitness and resilience formation for pluralistic contexts, growing out of my experience working with suicide in the Army. I am eager to develop relationships with organizations that may have similar interests and agendas.

    As an Army Chaplain, I have been helping Soldiers and their families with resilience, relationship and reintegration in uniform for many years. Now having completed my PhD in this area, I am developing a way to continue that work on the civilian side in my NE Ohio community.

    Half of all Ohio National Guard families and many other Reserve Component families of all branches of military service reside in North East Ohio, without the benefit of any Active Duty military post in the area where most Veteran and Military Family resourcing infrastructure and tools are generally housed. As a long-time National Guard Chaplain and resident of the area, I’ve been networking with community resources for many years to provide support, resilience and reintegration resources for Veterans and military families, and am now developing a community resource called Abundant Life Farm.

    I am developing Abundant Life Farm to continue my long years of work with resilience formation for military families. With long years as a practitioner and researcher in resilience and spiritual fitness formation, Abundant Life Farm is being developed into a community resource specifically addressing both visible and invisible wounds of war.

    Working in North East Ohio in conjunction with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Countryside Conservancy’s intentions for developing local, traditional and sustainable family farms in the Cuyahoga Valley, Abundant Life Farm is envisioned as a working pumpkin and vegetable farm to contribute to the sustainability of communities in the Cuyahoga Valley area. The farm will exceed Conservancy expectations and parameters through the use of organic and permaculture farming practices, offering its produce to the families and communities in the surrounding communities.

    Through intentional and intensive networking with a range of community groups, agencies and resources, and utilizing evidence-based practices, the working farm will also incorporate an agri-tourism and an educational event center to use the model and experience of sustainable and resilient farming as a set of tools to help Veterans and military families as they endeavor to rebuild their relationships, and enhance their resilience and quality of life.

    I would love to be able to connect with someone on your team to be able to gain your insight and input for this vision, and to perhaps explore with you resources you might be aware of to help fund this vision to help our Veterans and military families. Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing back from you, and keep being a blessing!

    Dr. Jim Lewis
    with resilience and family resources at JCSpiritCrafters.x10.bz
    and (almost) daily resilience supplements via Instagram and Twitter
    @ jc_spiritcrafte with #WordOfTheDay371

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