All of my talks all tailored to each specific audience. These are the ideas I care about and the messages that I like to share in my public speaking engagements.  I typically focus on 2-3 big ideas per talk. Each presentation or performance is typically 1/3 talking, 1/3 spoken word performance, and 1/3 audience interaction.

All audience messages:

Olympic athletes learn about goal setting – I competed on the 1996 Olympic Judo Team and learned how to plan strategically for years down the road. There is always a lesson to be learned from a defeat.

We must build our own job  – Currently in our country 25% of people are working in some kind of contract, self-employed or entrepreneurial manner. We are becoming a Freelance Nation. Building these options for ourselves is part of staying current in our rapidly changing job market. Two minute video about How to Join the New Economy. 

Gardening and taking care of our natural environment is good for our health, our communities, our small businesses,  our economy, and kind of fun.  Two minute poem about How the Community Garden Ate My Lawn.

Spirituality or spiritual study or some kind of centering practice is important for both physical and mental health. Five minute poem from my wedding dedicated to Amy Tibbets and Queen God Is about reconnecting with my creator: My Tears are Greater than My Fears.

Building community is essential – this is the solution to many of our environmental, economic, emotional issues.

Active transportation is great for physical health, building community, seeing the city in a whole new way, meeting random and synchronistic people, learning about other cultures, and having adventures. 3 minute poem: Be Careful

Social entrepreneurship is the answer to today’s problems with unethical corporate behavior. If the corporation can address stakeholder as well as financial bottom lines, businesses will be much more effective.

Exercise is essential, and sports make it more fun. As an Olympic Judo team member I know the importance of being physically active and know how many different sports can help people build lifelong goals and ambitions.

“Because I Can: The Olympic Judo Story”

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