Digital poem collage is my name for the visual art genre I create. I combine digital photography, spoken word poetry, and Photoshop based collaging techniques to make images that are more than the sum of their parts. Digital poem collages have a tremendous ability to share many aspects of the world around me because of their intricately linked components. Each piece of art is made of multiple images, concepts, and word art. This gives me the ability to capture the essence of a place and the character of its people more than a single unconnected piece of art. The beauty of our homes can be seen in a whole new way. Contradictions, previously unseen perspectives, interlinked themes, and multiple possibilities become apparent in a digital poem collage.

This type of art is also impressive from many different angles. From a distance, the unique and spectacular photographs spark the imagination. Up close, the poem is an eye catcher, and some of the photographic details become intriguing. Many people realize before long that the poem has inspired the photographs, or that the photographs have inspired the poems. As people read the poem, they catch the importance of action, hopefulness, and community that is found in all of my art. I share the connections we all have and the many different ways we all all interact to help each other, to celebrate life, and to and learn on many different levels.

Click on the link for each collage to see enlarged picture.

  • Because I Can – The Olympic story and the mentality of how I kept true to goals through many long years
  • I am Urban – The adventures I have riding a bicycling everywhere I go.
  • The Train Poem – Kansas City is the busiest railroad hub in the nation. How strong I want to grow to be.
  • An Environmentalist Who Loves Chemicals – The complexity of science and the beauty of our natural world
  • This What Happens – The cover collage for my latest chapbook and poetry CD
  • Cloudscapes – About being a mental health survivor and understanding those of us who don’t make it
  • Faces for Al – Memorial collage for Al Henning, my friend who died this year.
  • Tallgrass – The story of the Kansas consumer movement

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