Please contact Corinna West or Wellness Wordworks for any information needed about scheduling presentations, innovative collaborations to further our recovery revolution, for community building linkages in Kansas City.

Primary contact information:

Corinna West
Wellness Wordworks
eight one six 392 – 6074.
corinnawest816 at gmail dot com
PO Box 171614
Kansas City, KS 66117

Facebook: Corinna West
Facebook: Wellness Wordworks
Linked-In: Corinna West
Flickr:Corinna West
You-tube: CorinnaWest816

Twitter accounts:

  • @CorinnaWest for personal information and a little politics,and overlaps from the accounts below
  • @PeerWordworks for Wellness Wordworks and social entrepreneurship infomration
  • @UnDiagnosing for problems with psychiatric medications and diagnoses
  • @PoetryforPower for spoken word poetry and other tools to overcome adversity
  • @FreeChocolateKC for Chocolate Fairy and social practice arts information
  • @CombatArtsKC for prescribing combat sports for mental health issues

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