Building America: Changing Lives and Communities With Active Transportation

Summary: Increasing active transportation like cycling or walking can be an integral part of a personal wellness plan. This workshop includes strategies to overcome barriers to active transportation on both the personal and citywide level. Participants can try a walking Alley Kat discovery tour and learn about making alternative transportation choices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of exercise in a wellness plan, and the convenience of active transportation
  • Learn skills for overcoming barriers to active transportation
  • Learn how to make local changes through bicycle pedestrian advocacy
  • Build awareness of environments and have fun with the walking Alley Kat tour
  • Increase the use of active transportation

Audience Comments:

  • Elizabeth Layton Center: “I plan to keep working.” “I plan to exercise more.” “I plan to contact the government and president about mental health.” “The activity was the best part.”
  • Alternatives 2008 (a national conference in Buffalo, NY): “The most engaging workshop I attended at the whole conference.” “Statistics most helpful – the speaker was very well informed.” “I liked the ideas about how improving life for a group improves the whole society.”
  • Contemporary Conversations Class: “I found places I never knew were there.”
  • SIDE (Kansas City, KS Consumer Operated Program): “Very inspirational.” “I liked best the statistics from the doctor.” “Corinna was engaging and encouraged participation.”
  • Truman Behavioral Health: “Information was great. I plan to interact more than to isolate myself.” “You learn more about mental illness than you knew.” “I liked best – the honesty.”

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