Because I Can: Stories of Triumph to Rock the World – This is a presentation about using the mentality of an Olympic athlete to overcome an kind of adversity through life. I want people to connect to and engage with their worlds using their most difficult experiences as fuel. We have walked through the fire and become new people, and sharing our stories is one of the most powerful things we can do.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the mentality of becoming an Olympic athlete and how those mental skills can be transferred to many other areas of life.
  • Share advocacy stories from many walks of life using Saul Alinsky’s principle that advocacy in one area of life can improve the lives of everyone in community.
  • Discuss the merits of listening to people who disagree with you and learning about dissenting points of view
  • Know that the time is now to become involved, active, and engaged with our worlds.

Audience comments:

  • Step-by Step All Staff Training, Allentown, PA:  I will think of ways to make my goals attainable and work on my goals and subgoals. Dream big! I will encourage consumers more and help them realize that recovery means building a new life. The poems were beautiful, inspirational, and the most useful part of the program. Your style is very different. I like the idea of different supports for different needs. It surprised me to learn what determination can do. The poetry was dedicating and powerful!! It surprised me to learn that how she worked hard for her goals can work for anyone.
  • Fringe Festival, Kansas City, MO: I will listen to others; opinions. I will check the net to find advocacy to help. I will quit talking myself out of feeling accomplished. I liked the way in which you presented on all the issues. The most motivating part was hearing your personal story of recovery from mental illness. It surprised me how the presenter was able to mis the motivational speaking, poetry, and photography. How strong people can be is always amazing.
  • Project Space Gallery, Kansas City, MO: Most motivating: “The sense that individual actions make a difference.” Suprising: “How transformed I feel.” “The passion of the presenter.” “Very inspiring and hopefully delivered.” One action: “Be positive: use my struggles as fuel to be strong.” “Work on fighting harder for what I believe.”
  • YWCA Green Girls Camp Olympic Day, Kansas City, KS: Surprising: “What you dream it could come true.” Most useful: “Push ups” “That she met her goal and that was inspiring for me because know I know it’s possible.” One action: “to pay more attention in class so I can make my dream be more real.” “To clean up the environment.” Most motivating: “Olympics and Poetry.”
  • Liberty Arts Squared, Liberty, MO: One action: “Continue going for my dreams I have devoted my life to pursuing.” “Be more outspoken – like you!” Most motivating: “Charity begins in your own backyard.” “Hearing your personal story of Judo at the Olympics – I like your mantra.” Most useful – “Freedom and riding a bike.” Most surprising: “You are comfortable, you are tough.”

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