'm AN ADVOCATE TRAINER, Pharmaceutical Chemist, JOB CREATOR, and SOCIAL CHANGE agent: In the last 10 years I trained 39 Peer Recovery coaches, 9 Certified Peer Specialists, Helped coordinate 345 Resilience Messaging Events, and made Behavioral Health Recovery an Expectation for as many people as possible. I trained 240 sponsored artists/advocates, helped advocates make over 110 conference appearances, and had advocates increase their median advocate business revenue by 10 fold. My agency was the biggest asset-based community development funder of individual behavioral health advocates in the Central States. Our advocates gave 1747 hours of peer input into over 40 projects per year for over 4 years. I'm a JOB CREATOR: I wrote 106 grants and earned 22 of them, with ALL of them completed on time, on budget, and with ALL deliverables as promised. I pulled down over a million dollars of lifetime agency revenue, trained 19 staff people, and paid over 60 contractors per year for 5 years, with the top 20 advocates per year earning a median of $1,700 per year for freelance advocacy efforts.