Developing Your Art Practice Into a Self-Supporting Business

Summary: Professional development workshop for part-time or full-time artists to increase our ability to share social justice issues in our art and recovery. We’ll build internal capacity by exploring strategic planning and goal-setting, the most effective way to enhance motivation and provide planned business growth. We’ll learn about business plan fundamentals, promotion of our art and our stories via targeted marketing, website development, grant writing, and maintaining the enjoyment and healing power of the creative arts.

Learning Objectives:

  • How our art and our stories can change the world, inspire people, and create social justice
  • Introduction to Strategic Planning and The Importance of Written goals
  • Business Plan Fundamentals – Mission Statements, Competition, Partners, Products, Overview, etc.
  • Promoting your work via targeted marketing and using personal contacts
  • How to develop a website
  • Writing and talking – how to apply for grants and describing the art practice
  • Enjoyment – making time and priorities for art; art as personal medicine

Audience Comments:

One action I plan to take: Modify my business plan, do exercises, find artists to participate in art festival, explore, discover, process grant, involve the art I work with in strategic planning, research starting own business, use existing social contacts, write a business plan, make business cards

Most useful part of the workshop: hear the poem, business part, purpose with passion

Most Motivating Part of the Workshop: the poem X 3, business plan, mission statement, and strategic plan, song played, passion in action, listening to both presenters/audience stories and successes, stories,

What surprised you? that I really need, KISS, audience participation, the networking model of the three circles

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