I am a spoken word artist, performance artist, photographer, and collage maker. You can book me for appearances on the Contact me page. I would love to hear from you.

Past appearances include:

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES: I go to four or five conferences a year, and am a presenter at many of them. I have been the keynote speaker twice for about 600 people, spoke at another event for 80 people, and presented about 45 workshops in the last two years. I am a Creative Capital alumnus and am currently attending the Fast Trac entrepreneur training program with the Kauffman Foundation.

Sunshine from Darkness, Kansas City, MO (group show) 2009 – 2010, exhibited at five sites.
Because I Can, in “You’re Such a Good Sport,” 2010 Project Space, Urban Culture Project, Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO.
Because I Can: Stories of Triumph to Rock the World: 2010 Fringe Festival, Kansas City, MO

Project Space Gallery: “The most motivating thing was the sense that individual actions make a difference.” “I’m surprised how transformed I feel.” “I plan to be positive: use my struggles as fuel to be strong.” “I’ll work on fighting harder for what I believe.”
Alternatives 2008 (a national conference in Buffalo, NY): “The most engaging workshop I attended at the whole conference.” “Statistics most helpful – the speaker was very well informed.” “I liked the ideas about how improving life for a group improves the whole society.”
YWCA Green Girls camp Olympic Day: “It surprised me to learn that you dream it could come true.” “That she met her goal and that was inspiring for me because know I know it’s possible.”
Elizabeth Layton Center: “I plan to keep working.” “I plan to exercise more.” “I plan to contact the government and president about mental health.” “The activity was the best part.”
Liberty Arts Squared: “I’ll continue going for my dreams I have devoted my life to pursuing.”