These are eight recovery journals that were selected for art art show called Pages: Books as Medium, Catalyst, and Venue. This was a collection of books and book related artwork curated from across the nation. My books were selected by curator Amy Kligman who had to pick 30 artists out of about 150 applicants for the project. The show got reviewed in the Kansas City Star, which said that my “handwritten notes and personal musings, combined with tactile and delicate employment-page clippings, reveal how another person processes information with an almost embarrassingly voyeuristic level of insight.”  I was also able to come to the artist talk, where I explained that I was more of a performance artist than a visual artist. I performed my poem about “Your Only Flavor is Vanilla if You Don’t Have a Mental Illness.” Here’s a detailed description of each of my journals that were accepted.

Journals list:

Title Image Date, Medium, Price Conceptual Description
A Few of Us Can Shape the Future 1998, Paper Collage on journal, 7.5” x 10”, $100 Right after I graduated with a chemistry degree, I read What Color is Your Parachute? and launched a very detailed job search in Kansas City. The cover of the journal shows my vision at the time of building wisdom, innovation, and a passion for learning.

No Ordinary Fun 1999, Paper Collage on journal, 7.5” x 10”, NFS This is a collage of frogs and other green items like a real four leaf clover that I found. The cover says, “No ordinary fun,” and the back says, “But what if there were no walls?” This is a happy collage of important things like play.

The Enemy is Apathy and Mediocrity 1999, Paper Collage on journal, 7.5” x 10”, NFS “I have seen the enemy and the enemy is convention. The enemy is derivative. He is an endless repetition of apathy and mediocrity.” Also “What if ….there were no boundaries to your world?” The pictures of the galaxies represent the bigger world I wanted

To Wake the Soul 2001, Paper Collage on journal, 7.5” x 10”, NFS This collage is about finding dreams again, wanting to become a high powered person. I have lyrics on the cover from the classic bands Iron Maiden and Rush. The two songs talk about finding a meaning for life with infinite dreams and breaking down walls.

Real Life, Real Answers 2004, Paper Collage on journal, 7.5” x 10”, NFS I was just starting to have more people in my life around this time and I was proud to put important elements of my life together on the cover with my good friend Cindy.

Hope at the Crossroads 2005, Paper Collage on journal, 7.5” x 10”, $50 I had just starting working again after being very ill for a long time. The front says, “Hope at the Crossroads” since I was at the very beginning of building a new life for myself. I had walked through the fire of the illness and came out new on the other side.

The Courage to Be Your Best 2005, Paper Collage on journal, 7.5” x 10”, NFS The cover is a collage poem created from magazine ads. “Your Journey is just beginning. Just the idea of it intrigued her. ‘This is going to be fun,’ she whispered. Just one moment can change everything. I dream.”

Choose the Life You Want 2006, Paper Collage on journal, 7.5” x 10”, NFS This is one of the first places that I starting using hand images for personal meaning. The logo of my business is based on the idea that each of us can reach out with our most human elements to change the world. Our trials through adversity and our unique transformative life experiences can be fuel to create change.

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