What does Corinna do with her time?

Ken Braiterman, New Hampshire NAMI director for 10 years, WRAP Facilitator, Mental Health Journalist, “Corinna inspires people. Her programs convey her spirit She is a great example of recovery, as well as an advocate and recovery program developer. She is the best peer support partner I’ve ever known. She has the energy, dedication, and drive of an Olympic athlete. She has used the qualities she learned as a world-class athlete in her own recovery, and now her business. Corinna’s programs and advocacy are based on hope, the idea that people can come out of emotional difficulty stronger than before. That message of hope, is the key to all reintegration. You have to believe you can recover before you are willing to work to make it possible.

Corinna on the air during the 2011 Homelessness Marathon hosted in Kansas City

Corinna on the air during the 2011 Homelessness Marathon hosted in Kansas City

Jeremey Alderson, Homelessness Marathon, “Hi Corinna, You were a great bicycle messenger for our broadcast, a guest, and our poetry rescuer to boot! Many, many thanks! It was great to meet you.”  One hour  Homelessness Marathon Video:  http://livestre.am/Dhp6

Jennifer Wilding, Director of Consensus KC, Deliberative Democracy Organization: “Corinna, I absolutely respect your knowledge and your experience. I think you’re a wonderful, heroic person and I want to work with you. You know, people are willing to help because you are an inspiring leader.”

Ruth Montag, SAMHSA Ads Center, Campaign for Social Inclusion Grant Monitor, “As the first presenter, you set a very positive tone for the teleconference. Your engaging and informative presentation helped others understand the power of your project and how you are reaching and engaging young adults throughout the state. The social media aspects provide a wonderful opportunity for your work to live on and reach many more, both in and outside of Missouri. We hope your presentation will inspire others to think outside the box.”

Sarah Shipley, Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation, Bike Walk KC, “I love the fact that you took your bike home from the airport. You are a super duper bike rock star.”  30 seconds on Picking me up from the airport by bicycle.

Monica Dahl, spiritual adviser, Florida, “Corinna West is open and out of the closet about her experiences with schizophrenia and PTSD. She demonstrates that people do recover control of their lives on the other side of a diagnosis. She’s active in performing spoken word poetry that advocates for social change, building connections, and community awareness. She creates delightful, attractive, meaningful digital poem collages, which might be a new art genre to link poetry and photographs from her bicycling adventures.”

Corinna showing off the 14 votes earned during the business pitch at Startup Weekend

Corinna showing off the 14 votes earned during the business pitch for Connect Power at Startup Weekend KC

Brooke Leonard, Peer Specialist, Rehabilitation worker, “Corinna, Thank you for choosing to share your story with me. I can relate because I also overcame what sometimes seemed insurmountable odds to reach achievements, all while battling undiagnosed mental illness. Using your personal story is a good start toward accomplishing your goal of being a “champion” of educating people about mental illness and what causes it.”

Ken Braiterman, Wellness Wordworks Board Chair, “Corinna’s energy, decency, personal recovery, and creative thinking inspire everyone who attends a presentation or poetry performance – including me.”

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