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Why to Vote for Combat Arts for Recovery

Wellness Wordworks and Missouri-Illinois Olympians have created a program called Combat Arts for Recovery. We are one of 12 finalists for around 55 entries to the Team USA grants competition. We can earn $12,000 to promote combat sports for mental health issues. You can vote here:   Vote once per day per email address.

Boyd Henley talks to Combat Arts for Recovery

Boyd Henley from Authentic Boxing Club talks to Combat Arts for Recovery about building friendship and community

Combat Arts for Recovery solves four major issues:

1. Folks with mental health diagnoses can benefit tremendously from exercise and Combat Arts for Recovery are great for building self-esteem, personal defense skills, learning how to handle difficult emotions, relieve stress, and to build friendships. In Combat Arts for Recovery, people train as teams but compete as individuals so it combines the best of both team and solo sports.  These sports reduce agression, not increase it as some people may think.

2. Many doctors recommend exercise, up to 54% of them, but only 11% of doctors actually prescribe exercise. This will teach service recipients self-advocacy skills to encourage their doctors to make exercise a more formal and reimbursable part of treatment. Combat Arts for Recovery also addresses some of the research showing that psychiatric medications may not work quite as well as they have been previously advertised.

3. Combat sports are often given little media attention and struggle to build recruiting and membership so we are using social media and traditional media to build a Combat Arts for Recovery public relations following that aims to increase the size of all 90 combat sports clubs in town by 15%.  We are working with all five combat sports included in the Olympics: Judo, boxing, wrestling, Taekwondo, and fencing.

4. Clubs that sponsor a new athlete into Combat Arts for Recovery and help them complete their first 25 practices will earn a presentation by a local Olympian called “How to build Olympic Dreams.” This will include inspiring spoken word poetry performances, goal setting skills, and mental training techniques useful for all peak performances. This will be a career building opportunity for all the Olympic alumni in our region. These will also be increased media opportunities.

Now, for the next 7 days, we need your vote at the US Olympic Team’s facebook page at:  Vote once each day. We need as many votes as possible for Combat Arts for Recovery. This is a very innovative program that bridges three communities at once that don’t usually interact: sports, mental health, and performance art.

Inspirational two minute video on how Combat Arts for Recovery overcomes the three major excuses for not exercising:


2. Money

3. “It’s too hard”:


Your vote will help us get $12,000 for Combat Arts for Recovery.

People can vote once per day per email address for our program for the next 11 days. Voting is now live. It should take about five minutes the first day but then it should only be two clicks each day for the next six days. We would love your support. Here are more detailed instructions if you need them.

Kansas Recovery Conference

Folks at the 2011 Kansas Recovery Conference hold up signs show how to build hope

  1.  Create a Facebook account if you don’t have one. It’s really quite easy.
  2. Go to:
  3. Like the US Olympic Team.
  4. Click “Team USA Grants” on the Left.
  5. Accept the browser in a nonsecure window. (There have been no complaints on google yet about this even though thousands have voted.)
  6. Accept the Facebook application.
  7. Vote for Combat Arts for Recovery

  8. Your vote is confirmed when the video turns red, it says, “You voted!” and the vote count goes up by one.
  9. Come back the next six days until September 18 and vote again each day.
  10. If you want to help further, invite your friends to vote with our Facebook invite
    Combat Arts for Recovery founder Corinna West

    Combat Arts for Recovery founder Corinna West at her first clinic on How to Build Olympic Dreams at Air Capitol Judo Club. Photo by Kevin Dean.

    at: Then follow up with them if they need help with this process.

You won’t have to go through this process when you got back to vote each additional day. It should just be two clicks from there on out. For more information on Combat Arts for Recovery, go to my website here:

More troubleshooting tips:

1. It says you have already voted.  Click the video and underneath, by the comments section, click logout of the application (not your Facebook account). Then log back in to the application and try again.

2. It says you haven’t like the Facebook page. Try the above, click the video then logout of the application (not your Facebook account). Then log back in to the application and try again. If this doesn’t work, try a different browser like Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Chrome.

1. Facebook application doesn’t load: Try a different browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Chrome. You might have to vote on a newer computer at a library or friend’s house.


6 comments to Why to Vote for Combat Arts for Recovery

  • Amanda Jeffrey

    I completely agree with u i have watched many peoples lives completely destroyed by psychiatry including my own . I wouldnt put it mildly either , i survived and continue to fight with every breathe i take but many of my friends were murdered by psychiatrists and the institutions stopped all forms of healthy exersize and proper management of emotions the docters prefering to numb them and turn them into cabbages and zombies.

    They did this to me aswell i fought it and i got free and i gave new life to a man who was murdered by these ” docters” . This is a fact. He is now my son he was murdered by a psychiatrist 20 odd yrs ago as were many . But this particular soul i had a very special connection with and noone can see that only buddha who sees all. I believe these psychiatrists should be exposed for the evil they do and struck out of work . Only buddha is the docter of the mind , and modern mans pathetic attempts to try and understand it in this increasingly degenerating spiritual time has done nothing but create more aeons of hell for them to endure.

    NOW is the time to have faith in the divine energy that will free us all . The spirit of most men is dead and the body follows. But my spirit will never die and my body becomes more youthful everyday through increased exersize just knowing that they didnt manage to destroy me makes me laugh because i am part of the divine and they must now accept and realize fully the extent of the suffering and devastation that they have brought onto human beings . Psychiatrists will have to suffer their karma in hell as hitler still does. Lets rejoice in our compassion for these unfortunate creatures and their sick corrupt system that upholds them because its falling as we speak and u can not imagine the awful suffering and torment that awaits these pathetic “docters” .

    The moral of my tale? It is better to be the abused than the abuser because the abuser must suffer in the future whereas the abused person has exhausted the negative karma and found the way to freedom forever in spirit and joy. The abuser i.e the psychitrist and those other sick individuals who use there workplace of power to control and destroy other people they will have to suffer in many future lives an eternity in hell . Its too late when u get to hell to pretend there isnt one or it doesnt exist because it does and if it doesnt then this aint real either its the appearance to a mind which hasnt turned away from doing evil and psychiatry has and still does evil more so than it realizes it harms . Do no harm unto others .

    I tried to tell them but they wudnt listen and they continue to suffer and destroy themselves as mankind is doing and shall do because it refuses to wake up to the truth. How on earth can u people continue to allow psychitrists to get away with what they do? Why cant we stop it? because its part of a corrupt system to do with money thats why but if u check its workers are dead in spirit they are mindless robots bred by a machine like on the matrix thats true.

  • I always like the fitness model Julien Greaux. He was diagnosed with ADHD as a young boy and his Mama said there was no way he was going to be drugged. She got him involved in martial arts and he’s where he is today because of it.

  • [...] post was written by Corinna West and appeared on her blog, Wellness Wordworks first.  She is seeking support of her program. Please vote on Facebook. Apparently the voting process is [...]

  • Jennifer Nugent

    I agree with you that exercise and participation in sports is one of the best ways to promote overal wellbeing, physical and mental. This is a great program to promote that and give more people the opportunity to participate in the combat arts.

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