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Ideally, this blog would be updated on Wednesdays and Sundays, but it isn't.....I don't ever plan to have another spiritual emergency and a brain injury in the same year....

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UnDiagnosing Emotional Distress T-shirts

UnDiagnosing Emotional Distress T-shirtsUnDiagnosing Emotional Distress T-shirts: Because sometimes it's not genetic. Attention getting Undiagnose  T-shirt showing 8 ways that mental suffering is distress and not a disease.  This clearly shows a difference between the disease model of mental health and possible other alternatives.  T-shirts are 100% heavyweight cotton with sizes from S – 4XL.  $15 each or More Info »
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This What Happens CD

This What Happens Spoken Word Poetry CD by Corinna WestSpoken Word Poetry CD featuring 16 poems and 36 minutes of spoken word poetry performances by Corinna West. This is the best medium for enjoying spoken word poetry. Recorded by Micah Herman using digitally optimized recording equipment. CD's include digital playback list, complete list of tracks, and "This What Happens" digital poem collage, and personal More Info »
Price: $5.00

Please Cut Our Budgets T-shirts

Please Cut Our Budget T-shirtsPlease cut our budgets - we'll tell you how! Attention getting T-shirt showing 7 key ways that state officials could immediately reduce mental health expenditures while improving outcomes. "Fund complete mental health recovery, not permanent disability."  These 7 suggestions don't require further investment or capacity building and can be implemented right away. T-shirts are 100% More Info »
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Live Free or Drive Poetry Book

Live Free or Drive Poetry ChapbookCorinna West's first ever poetry product, a compilation of written poems since age 12 and her first spoken word poems performed at Kansas City's Blue Room starting in 2005. Gritty, Edgy, Raw, a little profane, but powerful insight into the emerging artist, her integration with the natural world, and her angry triumph over adversity. Includes More Info »
Price: $5.00

I Am Urban

I Am Urban Digital Poem CollageI Am Urban Digital Poem Collage This art creation is about adventures in Urban Cycling and what I've seen through the streets of Kansas City. The graffiti says, "Schizo," "Mad," and "Crazy," and then there's me flipping them off. "I ride because I see more, I be more, I don't have to agree no More Info »
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Human Hand Wordworks Poetry Book

Human Hand Wordworks, Corinna West's second spoken word poetry bookCorinna West's second poetry chapbook: Human Hand Wordworks Human Hand Wordworks is Corinna West's second poetry book, showing increased maturity and complexity with rhyme formation, sound manipulation, and rhythm building. Includes the four most popular poems from the first book along with two essays and a published research article abstract. Highly personal poems showing an More Info »
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Connect Power T-Shirts

IMG_0235The story of Poetry for Personal Power. Adapted from Pat Deegan's Personal Medicine concept.  Green 100% heavyweight cotton shirts. Front says, "What helps you get through adversity? Your personal Power!" The back lists the different types of activites that can help people get through challenges, including Sports/Exercise, Gardening/Outdoors, Animals, Spirituality, Activism/Social Change, and Art/Music. There More Info »
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Combat Sports KC T-Shirts

IMG_14821Corinna's Olympic story: Red 100% Heavyweight cotton T-shirt with a legend on the front about what it takes to be an Olympic combat sports athlete: 1) Want it More than Anyone Else, 2) Be fitter than all your opponents 3) Never let anyone deny your dreams. The back is Corinna West's motto from her Olympic More Info »
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