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Psalm 91 Spoken Word-icized

I’ve just come through a really rough week with an accidental dosing of a hallucinogen, plus my dog being mauled by a pitbull, plus a hugely stressful work interview for a big grant, plus a spiritual emergency. I learned some cool things and had some very fun experiences slightly outside regular reality and time and place. When I was stuggling, I grudgingly contacted Rod’s church that I’d been boycotting for a while because I have a chip on my shoulder against middle class people sometimes. I went sometimes, though, and knew I was in need of a spiritual community.  Here’s the story of how Rod became a believer at that church. They helped me a great deal through the process.  They told me to work with Psalm 91, maybe even to memorize it.

So I looked through it and thought, “How can I memorize this? There is no rhyme or rhythm.” But back in the day, when it was in Aramaic or Hebrew it had rhythm and rhyme. They were poems to begin with. So I put my own life into in and this is what I got.

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Psalm 91 Spoken Word-icized Video:

The Text for People who like to read this stuff:

You stay in the Lord’s shelter and you come under his shadow.
I can say to him, “I be safe here if I trust you to free me from battle.
From the traps and sickness of this modern existence.”
His arms be safety, under them I ain’t going crazy.
No more.
The lies and wolves sucking me into the trials and hooves of demons.
The unending cries through the nights in the hood of drugged out zombies mourning what they could
Be. The gunshots a mile away as my bike carries me down Minnesota and State
This force field carrying through my scorched will, I’m now strong enough to climb hill after hill
As I grow into
My potential.
I can stand untouched, my blog a brotherhood band of love building into a billion dollar business
Sharing freedom, those wicked profiteers we no longer even need them.
Ten thousand be falling down like flies as our social messaging be exposin’ their lies
They turn into corpses, God’s angels singing us safely into this metamorphsis
To our true power, this shower of love, a refuge and home able to catch you alone,
When you stumble, ain’t no more going under
the lions and snakes and my emotions they tried to make
into an illness.
Cause I be this sensitive person you see that understands misery in our world that bleeds
And it takes everything I got inside me to bring to Lord to my back
With this grace given a chance to dance unharmed along the path with just a simple ask
He be there.
And I can hold on with the skin of my teeth knowing he ain’t leaving me
Hold on, he says, hold on for dear life, trust means He’s there every time
Keeping holding on and you’re trouble will be escapable,
You’ll be made capable with the best of care I got to offer
If only you cougher up your pride and ask in me,
Then believe I got control of every task you see.
Be by your side in the worst of times, a rescue turns into a party with burstin’ vines
Cause you gotta long life coming to you.
Your thirst be filled as you start drumming out a new tune
With your entire abilities on demand soon,
From this salvation.
-Corinna West

And for your visual amusement, here are some pics from my regular KCK bike commute:

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