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Floating and false idols

I just started reading the manual for Peter Block, the guy whose conference I’m attending Saturday. It says that we don’t need to look at things as problems at all, just for our own opportunities for commitment and accountability. He defines commitment as being willing to take actions without remuneration and accountability is being willing to take ownership and create the thing we want to change.
At the Kauffman Center for performing arts you can see the birds floating above the glass ceiling.

At the Kauffman Center for performing arts you can see the birds floating above the glass ceiling. From the Compute Midwest conference.

I am trying to take an difficult and counter-intuitive planning process for me this week where I relax and let serendipity happen and don’t try to force everything will willpower and over-planning. I found a poem I wrote about this a while ago using the analogy of frisbee golf. If we throw the disc as hard as possible, the aim is often off. But if you relax and throw with 80% of your strength, the technique can come through. In this case the technique I’m looking for is maybe to find guidance from the higher power vs. just trying to push my own ideas.

I read a very neat article in a magazine from my mom’s shamanic community about how all of the really influential activists have included an element of the sacred in their work. I can’t find the exact article online, but here is a similar one with the same author.  And for Christians, who are going to get bugged that I’m citing a pagan, the article I really wanted to link to explained how all religions have certain common elements.

One of the challenging things I’ve done lately was a class at my church about our Trajectory, how to end up where we are intended.  I took their survey on Spiritual Gifts, which you can click here to take. Then we merged them with our skills and passions. They talked about how we can each have false idols. I figured out that my false idols are accomplishment/productivity. Instead it’s much better to know that God has already given us identity, a purpose, and a mission. So now my job is to figure them out instead of working to do more, to be more, to affect more change. The timing is right for me since my business is between funding cycles and I need to figure a new approach to generate income.

Productivity is one of my false idols

Funny, I figured this out a long time ago but it’s amazing how hard it is sometimes for poets to live what we write.

2 comments to Floating and false idols

  • Margaret Hensley

    It’s a great beginning, as well as continual guide, to know what drives you, what is actually an idol because it’s what you seek for fulfillment and purpose. You can channel your energies into what God has for you, even if it’s being laid up for awhile because of injury or illness.

  • Margaret Hensley

    Explain yourself, please.

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