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Ideally, this blog would be updated on Wednesdays and Sundays, but it isn't.....I don't ever plan to have another spiritual emergency and a brain injury in the same year....

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The Pitbull Poem and the Fog Poem

This winter I had to ask a lot of friends for help through a round of figuring out what I wanted to do when I grew up.   It was, a fight, I guess, to surrender my love, my talents, my business, my creativity to the will of God. It was amazing how much energy it . . . → Read More: The Pitbull Poem and the Fog Poem

Floating and false idols

I just started reading the manual for Peter Block, the guy whose conference I’m attending Saturday. It says that we don’t need to look at things as problems at all, just for our own opportunities for commitment and accountability. He defines commitment as being willing to take actions without remuneration and accountability is being willing . . . → Read More: Floating and false idols

A Gift Not to Fear Conflict

This is one of the poems about my spiritual emergency that I’m starting now to generate:

A Gift Not to Fear Conflict

If I was a warrior healer poet entrepreneur and visionary, I’d forsee how we can build a way in the world where it’s safe to be Different. Ask questions, verify all the directions. . . . → Read More: A Gift Not to Fear Conflict

A month of wierdness summarized

So recently I got done with a month of strange stuff that included a journey outside this normal realm of time and place and people and energy. I usually knew if I was inside or inside where the rest of folks typically live, but I didn’t really know how to get back very often. It . . . → Read More: A month of wierdness summarized

Spiritual emergency and separation from reality

After I came back from the Carter Center I was really bummed about realizing that so many high level mental health professionals had no idea of what was really going on in mental health care. I started slipping a bit on my self-care and not living as clean as usual. My back started hurting a lot, . . . → Read More: Spiritual emergency and separation from reality

Psalm 91 Spoken Word-icized

I’ve just come through a really rough week with an accidental dosing of a hallucinogen, plus my dog being mauled by a pitbull, plus a hugely stressful work interview for a big grant, plus a spiritual emergency. I learned some cool things and had some very fun experiences slightly outside regular reality and time and . . . → Read More: Psalm 91 Spoken Word-icized

Does anyone even know that I’m a Christian poet?

My testimony and public spiritual declaration.

I found this video and thought I would go ahead and make this claim publicly. Yes, I’m a Christian poet. No, I don’t believe your spiritual tradition is wrong.  This statement has the potential to irk both my Christian friends and my non-Christian friends, but I’ll claim it. I . . . → Read More: Does anyone even know that I’m a Christian poet?