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Ideally, this blog would be updated on Wednesdays and Sundays, but it isn't.....I don't ever plan to have another spiritual emergency and a brain injury in the same year....

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My First Poem (and Blog Post) in 7 months

Icing my head. My largest pastime for the last five months after my traumatic brain injury.

I’ve been struggling with a traumatic brain injury since a bike wreck on July 8. I’ve had a really hard time with computer use, reading, thinking, organizing myself, headaches, sleeping, talking on the phone, energy levels, etc.  All . . . → Read More: My First Poem (and Blog Post) in 7 months

The Mustang Poem

Break Me, O God

1. Fear Dear God, I beg you to break me, this wildly running horse so full of fear and panic, Break down my will that fights against my own interests, my fences trapping me with pride, My walls against love built by years of rejection, approval unanswered, my endless busy-ness to . . . → Read More: The Mustang Poem

The Pitbull Poem and the Fog Poem

This winter I had to ask a lot of friends for help through a round of figuring out what I wanted to do when I grew up.   It was, a fight, I guess, to surrender my love, my talents, my business, my creativity to the will of God. It was amazing how much energy it . . . → Read More: The Pitbull Poem and the Fog Poem

A Gift Not to Fear Conflict

This is one of the poems about my spiritual emergency that I’m starting now to generate:

A Gift Not to Fear Conflict

If I was a warrior healer poet entrepreneur and visionary, I’d forsee how we can build a way in the world where it’s safe to be Different. Ask questions, verify all the directions. . . . → Read More: A Gift Not to Fear Conflict

How Judo Works

After I competed in the Olympics, I coached Judo for 6 years and introduced 300 kids to the sport. I took a break when my work situation wouldn’t allow me to time to market my Judo club. I start back tonight thanks to Dlt Judo Jujitsuand Combat Sports KC who worked out a way to make a free . . . → Read More: How Judo Works

Psalm 91 Spoken Word-icized

I’ve just come through a really rough week with an accidental dosing of a hallucinogen, plus my dog being mauled by a pitbull, plus a hugely stressful work interview for a big grant, plus a spiritual emergency. I learned some cool things and had some very fun experiences slightly outside regular reality and time and . . . → Read More: Psalm 91 Spoken Word-icized

The Details of the Mental Health Revolution

Peer support is what’s missing in the mental health revolution

J. Rock Johnson and Dr. Jean Campbell helped inspire this mental health revolution

A 2002 report by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors found that peer support was the most effective mental health intervention. Yet very few people can access it, . . . → Read More: The Details of the Mental Health Revolution

I am the Oppressed and the Oppressor

Oppression in America goes both ways for most of us

This is a poem that’s timely for what’s going on in the world right now with the Occupy movement.  I’m really proud of how the video came out since I am learning more about editing videos and changing around the camera angle so the video . . . → Read More: I am the Oppressed and the Oppressor

The Disability Industrial Complex

The Disability Industrial Complex

Disclaimer: If your psych meds are working for you please please keep taking them as long as you want. If you want to get off them do it extremely slowly and carefully and consult your physician. I am Corinna West and I approve this message.

Thank you, dear Pfizer, for . . . → Read More: The Disability Industrial Complex

“Be Careful” at the Jazz Poetry Jams

This poem is for all the people who see me leaving on a bicycle and say, “Be Careful.”

I thought of this poem coming home from my first solo bicycle tour to Wichita. The second day back I’d been riding with a tailwind all day and didn’t realize that you can get hot in a . . . → Read More: “Be Careful” at the Jazz Poetry Jams