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Ideally, this blog would be updated on Wednesdays and Sundays, but it isn't.....I don't ever plan to have another spiritual emergency and a brain injury in the same year....

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My First Poem (and Blog Post) in 7 months

Icing my head. My largest pastime for the last five months after my traumatic brain injury.

I’ve been struggling with a traumatic brain injury since a bike wreck on July 8. I’ve had a really hard time with computer use, reading, thinking, organizing myself, headaches, sleeping, talking on the phone, energy levels, etc.  All . . . → Read More: My First Poem (and Blog Post) in 7 months

The Mustang Poem

Break Me, O God

1. Fear Dear God, I beg you to break me, this wildly running horse so full of fear and panic, Break down my will that fights against my own interests, my fences trapping me with pride, My walls against love built by years of rejection, approval unanswered, my endless busy-ness to . . . → Read More: The Mustang Poem

Why to keep a judo journal

One of the best tools for someone that is serious about the sport is a Judo journal. This is a notebook where you can keep track of goals, training schedules, new moves learned, thoughts about Judo, and debrief about the things that get in the way of Judo. (This is an update of an article . . . → Read More: Why to keep a judo journal

The Pitbull Poem and the Fog Poem

This winter I had to ask a lot of friends for help through a round of figuring out what I wanted to do when I grew up.   It was, a fight, I guess, to surrender my love, my talents, my business, my creativity to the will of God. It was amazing how much energy it . . . → Read More: The Pitbull Poem and the Fog Poem

Happy Anniversary to Rod and Me

Sunday was our first anniversary, the day Rod and I got married. He kept saying we shouldn’t have gotten married on Mother’s Day, but I guess it only overlaps every few years. Every year he puts together a family calendar with a collection of the best photos off his blog. He actually does a much . . . → Read More: Happy Anniversary to Rod and Me

Bike parking wars

One time I was talking to an mental health advocate friend who was caught up in a very nasty fight with the local mental health system. I told her, “You know the old saying about ‘sometimes you can win the battle but lose the war?’ Do you know which one you are fighting?” And how . . . → Read More: Bike parking wars

My new business mission statement

I saw an article on a blog about spirituality about how “bipolar illness” can be a blessing. I would think so, too, if I believed that emotional distress was actually a permanent illness. However, I don’t. I’ve explained that many times in the disease vs. distress discussions at my business blog.

Of the 55 comments . . . → Read More: My new business mission statement

Floating and false idols

I just started reading the manual for Peter Block, the guy whose conference I’m attending Saturday. It says that we don’t need to look at things as problems at all, just for our own opportunities for commitment and accountability. He defines commitment as being willing to take actions without remuneration and accountability is being willing . . . → Read More: Floating and false idols

A conversation about artists and money management

There was a point a few months ago when I started ranting about artists and money management:

I do not understand people who can’t handle money, who live paycheck to paycheck. How hard is it to spend less than you make, to save, to separate wants from needs? To invest in quality stuff instead of . . . → Read More: A conversation about artists and money management

When Max got mauled by a bulldog

Max is my dog that I’ve had for 13 years ever since he was a puppy. When I was in the depths of the mental health system, he was the one thing I still connected to. My stepdad knew he was so important to me that he picked Max up in Kansas City and drove . . . → Read More: When Max got mauled by a bulldog