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Ideally, this blog would be updated on Wednesdays and Sundays, but it isn't.....I don't ever plan to have another spiritual emergency and a brain injury in the same year....

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About Corinna West:

  • A Certified Peer Specialist who uses her recovery experience and her Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry for research and patient advocacy.
  • Member of the 1996 Olympic Judo Team, a 3 time national champion and silver medalist at the Pan American Games, she coached Judo for six years and introduced over 300 young athletes to the sport.
  • Avid (or rabid) transportational bicyclist with more miles on her bicycle than her car for the last four years. She regularly rides on cross-state bicycle journeys for work conferences, art collection, and mobile advocacy.
  • Creator of “Poetry for Personal Power,” a federally funded effort to use art and technology to help young adults access their friendships and personal strengths to overcome challenges in their lives.

About this site:

This website is:

about overcoming adversity by building a brand new life filled with adventure, fun, miracles, friends, joy, and accomplishment.

About Wellness Wordworks: Corinna West is the founder of  Wellness Wordworks, an LLC registered in both Kansas and Missouri. that is building an online community where people can share and build personal power to overcome adversity. This business has grown now so much that it needs it’s own website, found at: